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Hi, I'm Rachel Norton and the handsome guy next to me is my husband Kevin Quellmalz.  We met in San Francisco 10 years ago.  Now, 2 children, 2 cities, and 2 houses later, we continue to share a love of art and design, as well as creating functional, distinctive spaces that make a house a beautiful home.  Melding talents and shared passions, Inscape Design was born.  At Inscape Design, the goal is to highlight the unique essence of a person, place, or event— your “innerscape.”  


As an artist, I have an eye for reimagining and using your favorite pieces to help you discover and enhance your personal style. Organizational talent allows me to utilize existing furniture and art to transform your room with minimal expense.  Working with any budget would be wonderful given it is a good fit and there is a shared commitment to the outcome of your project. By combining your unique point of view with my style guidance, which focuses on including natural elements, texture, color, and balance, we will bring cohesion to your space.


Choosing fabrics and finishes including tile, wallpaper, lighting, and decorative objects that define your home are design strengths.  It will feel like you—one of a kind, like a jewel box filled with your favorite pieces through artful vignettes to rest the eye and cozy spaces to rest your feet. Furniture upholstery as well as sewing expertise makes it possible to craft your ideal nest with custom pillows and window treatments. Interesting, personal, and eclectic finishes, furniture, fabric, and art create your idyllic home. 


Kevin has over 20 years experience with residential remodeling and new construction.  He can bring special skill sets to a project as a general contractor, project consultant, or owner's rep.  While not directly involved in the interior design process, he makes time to contribute expert advice when fielding building and construction questions.  He is also an excellent resource for construction contacts and questions.

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